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Innovation Expo Next Step: “Test and Iterate” Your Creation

The SCUSD Innovation Expo is less than six weeks away, and we’re super excited. I’m sure by now you’ve seen our mascot, Luna the Turtle, and the Expo logo that reflects sustainability, big thinking, and well-being. 

We thank our collaborative student design team for working together and using their imagination and creativity to design the logo and name the mascot. Luna — meaning moon — encourages us all to think bigger than just ourselves.

Luna the Turtle Expo Mascot

Next Steps

As we count down to the Innovation Expo on Saturday, April 8, at Mission College, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Project progress: By this point, you should be up to stage 4 of the Design Thinking process, “Test & Iterate”

  2. Planning: As you reach the end of your project, start planning how you want to share your idea with the district and the broader community on Flip (log in using your email address for access)

  3. Project Submission: The Expo Submission form will open on March 1. You will also have the opportunity to volunteer to demo your design live at Mission College on April 8. 

    • Space for certain forms of presentations — such as iTalks (Ted Talk style) —  is limited, so don’t delay! 


If you need further guidance and support, please check out our Expo website or contact the Expo team member from your school site.

Good Luck!

Expo Team