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Announcing the Innovation Expo Mascot Name

We are happy to announce that our Innovation Expo mascot officially has a name! The Innovation Expo Design Team — students whose designs were incorporated in the final logo and mascot — met on February 2 and were tasked to name the mascot. Students focused on what innovation means and the experience they want everyone to have when they attend Innovation Expo. Students offered name suggestions and then, over the course of the week, they voted for their favorite. 

Drum roll, please… Our turtle mascot is named Luna

Luna, meaning moon in Spanish, helps us think about the three themes of the Innovation Expo — STEAM Education, Health and Wellness, and Community Enrichment. Luna helps us see the world as bigger than ourselves and inspires creative problem-solving.

Luna cannot wait to welcome you to the Innovation Expo on April 8 and more information will follow soon on how to turn in a project and participate in the live event.

In the meantime, visit our Innovation Expo website for more information.