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Innovation Expo Logo and Mascot Design Competition Update

Winning Mascot and Logo Announcement

The expo team was so impressed with all of the fantastic entries for the Innovation Expo Design Competition that it was hard to choose just one winner — so we didn’t. Instead, our final logo and mascot will be a collaborative work with concepts adapted from multiple designs to create cohesive imagery representing student voice and district values. 

The finalists were chosen from over 140 entries from across the district. The winners that will make up our design team are listed below, along with a summary of the designer's explanation describing how they created the design.


Main Mascot Design

Maria Hernanz | Peterson Middle School | Grade 6

"I made the mascot in Chrome Canvas, and the symbols on the shell represent the different parts of innovation and how they all fit together to make something bigger," said Maria. "The pencil in the mouth of the turtle represents how all ideas start as something simple with a pencil and paper, and then they can grow to change the world."  

Inspirational Elements

Avery Rockowitz, Alex Fujimoto | Hughes Elementary | Grade 4

Aditi Nednoor | Peterson Middle School | Grade 6

Fatimah Ismail | Wilcox High School | Grade 11


Main Logo Design

Ashika Sugali | Santa Clara High | Grade 10

"Being in SCUSD since kindergarten, I can confidently say that I know the SCUSD community and the values we hold, especially in innovation," said Ashika. "For the logo, I wanted to show how SCUSD and its students work hand in hand with technology, nature, and their imaginations. The E in ‘Expo’ represents the environment and connects with the lightbulb, representing technology."

Inspirational Elements (letters “P” & “O”)

Sophie Woo | Cabrillo Middle | Grade 8

Lia Villmow | Central Park Elementary | Grade 4

Alice Zamansky, Daniella Gurrola | Hughes Elementary | Grade 4

Anushka Rala | Santa Clara High | Grade 11

Ayaan Mustafa | Central Park Elementary | Grade 4

Next Steps

In January, the student design team will finalize the logo and mascot components, with support from the EXPO Planning team. Final designs will be used in future communications and promotional materials, which will be shared districtwide. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design to the competition. We hope you enjoy this video celebrating all of the amazing designs we received. If your project wasn’t one of the ones selected this time, don’t be disheartened, talk to your teacher about upcoming Innovation Expo Challenges that are happening as we prepare for Innovation Expo on April 8, 2023.