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Save the Date for Innovation Expo 2023

October 2022

We are excited to announce this year’s districtwide expo to showcase some of our students' work — Innovation Expo 2023. Formerly known as STEAM Expo, Innovation Expo is an evolution into an annual celebration of creativity and big thinking. The Expo will celebrate what it is to be innovative and how we embrace innovation here at Santa Clara Unified School District. Based on some of the world’s best expos, we will be bringing an authentic experience to our school community.

Starting in November, we will challenge our students to show their creativity by launching two competitions. The first is to design our Innovation Expo logo, and the second is to design the Expo mascot. This will be followed by our main themed Expo challenges in January, culminating in the main event at Mission College on April 8, 2023.

We encourage all of our schools to actively participate in the Expo, as it gives our students the opportunity to showcase their ability to think critically, collaborate in teams, be creative, and develop their communication skills. We’ll be sending regular communications in our District Update to keep you informed about what's happening in classrooms across the district. We are sure you’re all as excited as we are to see the first in-person expo since the pandemic began!

Stay tuned for regular updates and more information about the upcoming design competitions.