Transitional Kindergarten

  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year begins on January 6, 2021. Parents of students who turn 5 years old between September 2 and December 2, 2021, may choose to register for TK. Currently, our TK students attend school daily on a modified schedule at one of seven district locations. Registration in the TK program is optional and transportation is not provided. 

    Open Enrollment does not apply to Transitional Kindergarten students, as the SCUSD Open Enrollment policy applies to K-12 students only. Register your student at their home school and the child will be placed in one of the TK schools, based on availability. Please see below the current schools in Santa Clara Unified School District that offer a TK program:

    • Braly Elementary School
    • Briarwood Elementary School
    • Haman Elementary School
    • Montague Elementary School
    • Pomeroy Elementary School
    • Scott Lane Elementary School
    • Sutter Elementary School

    Unfortunately, due to limited space, we cannot guarantee placement at a specific school.

    TK and Kindergarten Enrollment by Birthdate:   

    • Students Born 9/2/2014-9/1/2015 are eligible for kindergarten in 2020-2021
    • Students Born 9/2/2015-12/2/2015 are eligible for TK in 2020-2021
    • Students Born: 9/2/2015-9/1/2016 are eligible for kindergarten in 2021-2022
    • Students Born 9/2/2016-12/2/2016 are eligible for TK in 2021-2022

    Why has the State made this change?

    School isn’t just about developing a child’s intellectual capabilities; there are emotional, social, and physical factors to consider. Allowing an extra year for our young five-year-olds provides an opportunity for students to grow in these areas before facing the rigor of the academic world.

    What options do I have for my child since they are not eligible for Kindergarten?

    • Register at your home school for our Transitional Kindergarten program offered at select satellite sites throughout the district.
    • Stay or enroll in a private or public preschool.
    • Spend another year in the home environment.

    Transitional Kindergarten in Santa Clara Unified

    • Focuses on self and social development, self-regulation skills, language, literacy and math development in a transitional kindergarten classroom in either the AM or PM session.
    • Provides the first year of a two year kindergarten experience. Students will re-enroll in Kindergarten at the home school the following year.

    How do I register my child?

    Other things to consider

    • Transitional Kindergarten is a parent choice. Some students might benefit from another year of preschool, while others might benefit from the Transitional Kindergarten program.
    • For more information, please contact your elementary school secretary.