Vision 2020

  • Rising Above in Silicon Valley Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) is very pleased and proud to share our bold vision and strategic plan for the next five years—“Rising Above in Silicon Valley!”

    SCUSD’s strategic plan is the product of an intensive, year-long, community-driven planning process. Approximately 200 people participated on our nine planning teams throughout the 2014-2015 school year—parents, teachers and classified staff, students, administrators, and members of the general public. The teams analyzed a wide range of data and trends, in addition to incorporating input provided by over one thousand community members responding to surveys and attending our monthly Community Conversations. 

    The planning teams worked diligently to craft ambitious aspiration statements and supporting objectives to guide the District over the next five years. The strategic plan serves as the guidepost for the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), as well as other required district-wide plans. We sincerely hope that all members of our community are as inspired as we are by our vision and the strategic priorities outlined in this Executive Summary!

Strategic Plan Update

  • Our Goals

    1. Create a college-going culture in which all students have a pathway to college success.
    2. Ensure that all students—pre-K to adults—participate in a variety of learning experiences that enable them to develop and demonstrate 21st Century skills, while exploring career pathways that are responsive to industry needs and personal aspirations.
    3. Cultivate a positive, solution-oriented environment that nurtures communication, compassion, competency, and consistency. 
    4. Foster a sense of belonging for all families, with the goal of supporting each student in realizing his or her maximum potential. 
    5. Ensure that all students are educated in safe learning environments that support greater opportunities for student-teacher interaction, school connectedness, and the social well-being of each learner.
    6. Develop classrooms, workplaces and technically proficient staff and operations that reflect the rapidly evolving Silicon Valley environment, leveraging technology to prepare students to be successful, responsible members of our global society.
    7. Develop environments for the 21st Century learner, while allowing each site and department to plan responsibly and with funding assurance.
    8. Cultivate and implement mutually beneficial business, community, and government partnerships to support student success and a thriving district.
    9. Provide maximum services to all students within available financial resources, allowing each site and department to plan responsibly and with funding assurance.

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    Find out more about our Strategic Plan by viewing the publication listed in the quick links section of the page.

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    2020 is the final year of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Visit our Vision 2035 webpage to follow along and get involved as we work with our entire community to update our strategic vision for teaching and learning.