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Proof of Residency


Important Information 

  • A student can have only one residence for the purposes of establishing residency and must live with a parent or legal guardian
  • PO boxes will not be accepted for residency purposes
  • All documents used for residency must be current, valid, and must contain the name, address, and be dated within the last 30 days
  • A minimum of three documents will be required
    • One from Category A and two from Category B*
  • SCUSD has the right to accept alternative forms of proof of residence on a case by case basis

Category A - One (1) Required

  • Original property tax bill 
  • Monthly mortgage statement
  • Lease or rental agreement on company printed forms. If the agreement is an expired agreement or month to month, you must also provide a current monthly rental payment receipt that includes the renter's name, date, and address.
  • Monthly space rental bill (mobile home park) 
  • Escrow document "Closing Statement” instead of a property tax bill for recent property purchases. In this case, a conditional clearance for 30 days will be given until mortgage documents are provided.

Category B - Two (2) Required

  • Current Santa Clara, San Jose or Sunnyvale utility bill 
  • Current PG&E bill
  • Current phone bill (cell or landline) 
  • Current cable or satellite provider bill 
  • Current internet bill

Category C - Three (3) Required Only As Necessary

Three additional proof of residency from this category will only be required and accepted when utility bills have multiple names or rental agreements state "utilities are included”. 

  • Current paycheck issued by employer - employer's and employee's name and address must be printed on the check.
  • Correspondence from a government agency (WIC, Medi-Cal, or Unemployment).
  • Valid vehicle registration (not pink slip).
  • Monthly payments: loan, credit card, physician/dental bill, bank statement.

Shared Housing Affidavit 

  • Shared Housing Affidavit is required if family is sharing housing with another individual as a long-term living arrangement within the attendance boundaries of SCUSD.