Department Homepage

  • The Health & Wellness Department is dedicated to both the mental and physical wellness of our students. To ensure access to free, appropriate public education, we provide mental health strategies to help our students learn skills to remove stress and cope with the ever-increasing competitive nature of learning.


    Health and Wellness Areas of Responsibility

    • Student Support Team (SST) and Section 504 Processes
    • Retention Process
    • Foster Youth
    • Homeless
    • Mental Health
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Health Services (Nurses)
    • Wellness Program
    • Multi-Tiered Systems Support - Behavior
    • Health and Wellness Grants


  • Lissette Moore-Guerra
    Health & Wellness Coordinator
    (408) 423-3682

    Laura Fitsemons
    Student Services Secretary
    (408) 423-3684