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One Million Acts of Kindness

Kindness in our Community

“A first-grade student took it upon himself to start to clean up the trash around the outside of our school. He took his little ’picker upper’ tool and a trash bag and started taking trash away.”

Heidi, washington open

Wilcox appreciation lunch for the kitchen staff, custodians, campus supervisors, and grounds crew!

The Wilcox High School math department pooled funds to throw a delicious appreciation lunch for the kitchen staff, custodians, campus supervisors, and grounds crew at the Wilcox CHAMPs Cafe.

This is Carl! Carl is a Briarwood Crossing guard and he is very kind!

Every morning on her way to the district office, Monica Padron receives a warm smile and wave from Briarwood Elementary's crossing guard, Crl. Always smiling and friendly, Carl brightens the day of many individuals walking and driving down Cabrillo Avenue. Moved by his kindness, Monica expressed her gratitude by delivering hand warmers to Carl for the cold season. 

Pomeroy Student donates her long hair

Pomeroy student, Haley arrived at school proudly showcasing her new haircut, having generously donated her long locks to create wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment.

“I’m sending homemade Butternut squash soup and freshly baked bread to a teacher that is recovering from an operation.”

Sonia, Peterson middle school

Pomeroy exchanges Kindness Rocket Rewards!

Look at these Pomeroy students exchanging Kindness Rocket Rewards! They earn these rewards by sharing acts of kindness, whether it's their own or acknowledging others who have shown kindness to them. Students even recognize staff members for their kindness creating a wonderful ripple effect of positivity!

World Kindness Day snacks - Peterson Middle

In honor of World Kindness Day, Peterson Middle School administrators put a special treat in their staff's mailboxes along with a little note of appreciation. 

Show kindness to animals!

Meet Chula, Ember, and Gabby! All three are rescue dogs living their best lives with Karen Cheng and her family! Recently, the family welcomed the tiny Rottweiler puppy into their home showing that kindness extends to more than just humans - animals deserve your kindness as well!

“I donated dresses, suits, shoes and accessories to a group who is creating a clothes closet for young adults exiting foster care.”

Maribel, Santa Clara Unified school district

Bracher Elementary is showing kindness through a giant thank-you note!

The Extended Learning Bracher Bobcats created a canvas thank-you card to express their appreciation for the Bracher staff for their dedicated efforts!

Callejon 3rd Graders start kindness club

Callejon 3rd graders have been performing daily kindness and documenting their acts on a poster in their classroom. Taking it a step further, Kriti and Meesha have started a kindness club and put up extra posters around the school to encourage even more acts of kindness! 

Agnew kindergartener helps another student find a book!

Sometimes it's little acts of kindness that make all the difference! Agnew kindergartener, Alison helped another student find a new book during their time in the library, and what a great choice!

“Third grade made a farewell book for a classmate that moved away. This act of kindness is one way we can show others we care about them.”

Alvaro, Montague elementary school

Callejon's Holiday wish Drive!

With the help of students Natalie, Lilianna, and Meryem, Callejon Extended Learning celebrated another year of participating in the Family Giving Tree's Holiday Wish Drive! From new bedsheets for children to foot spas for seniors, their school community and Extended Learning families came together to make 42 wishes come true!

Kindness Counts at Bowers Elementary School

Kindness counts at Bowers Elementary School! 65 Bulldogs completed bingo cards with different acts of kindness on them. What a fun and creative way to spread kindness!

Laurelwood is spreading kindness through cards!

Laurelwood Elementary School fourth graders made "Thank you for being a part of the heart of our school" cards for the staff to spread kindness!

“I came into class and asked my teacher how she is doing and if she needed help with anything.”

Lizet, wilcox High school

Alum Kindness presentation at Mayne

Maite Lobato Rodriguez returned to her alma mater, Mayne Elementary School, to deliver a powerful presentation on the distinctions between being rude, being mean, and bullying. Younger students eagerly listened as she emphasized the importance of choosing to be kind!

Small acts of kindness in the District Office

"Ms. Lidia Vazquez made my day by going out of her way to share a meaningful, specific compliment with me Taking the time to do this, meant so much to me and showed her dedication to building positive relationships with her coworkers." - Alissa Meltzer

Westwood kindness chainlink

Westwood Wildcats are going the extra mile to be kind! They embraced a "2+2" kindness challenge in November, pledging to perform two acts of kindness every day for two weeks. The school community's commitment resulted in an impressive chain of 522 promises, totaling 15,660 acts of kindness!