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Air Quality

COVID-19 Protocol 

During COVID-19, if and when we have poor air quality of air quality index (AQI) of 151 or above as determined by AirNow, we will follow the air quality guidelines to move all activities indoors as much as possible, even as they conflict with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Even when doors and windows are closed, HVAC systems will continue to bring in fresh air with MERV 13 filters, a high efficiency air filter that effectively removes fine particle pollution such as smoke (see:

  • Check this site frequently as guidelines will be updated as needed. During COVID-19, masks will continue to be worn and physical distancing will be implemented to the extent possible. 

General Protocol

We monitor the air quality daily using Air NowHour-by-hour AQI data is also available from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. 

SCUSD issues districtwide messages when the current or forecasted air quality is an AQI of 151 or more, in the "Unhealthy" (red) category or above, according to Air Now.

The district uses Gmail for staff communication, ParentSquare for family communication, and posts new messages on our website homepage.

The Air Quality Guidelines for Schools from the CDE provide guidance on actions to take for each of the air quality index categories.

  • Level 1 = Good (0-50 AQI)
  • Level 2 = Moderate (51-100 AQI)
  • Level 3 = Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (101-150 AQI)
  • Level 4 = Unhealthy (151-200 AQI)
  • Level 5 = Very Unhealthy (201-300 AQI)


Site administrators are ready and available to answer any questions regarding air quality, school protocols, and safety. Your first step should be an email to your school site administration. For general questions, you may contact: