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Braly School walkathon kids racing

In fall 2019, the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of Santa Clara Unified School District launched a community-wide collaborative process to develop the long-term vision for public education in SCUSD.

The elements of this vision were developed through the collaborative work of a guiding coalition—a group of 90 individuals selected for the diverse communities and viewpoints they represent—and expanded and refined over 54 community meetings and two community surveys (see the roadmap below for more information).

The work included explorations of future trends that are likely to impact education; learning journeys* to schools and organizations that are already engaged in reinventing education; and collaborative design exercises that consider the needs of students, educators, families, and community members.

1820+ stakeholders who participated in person; 54+ Targeted community engagement sessions; 5980+ hours

Our Vision Statement

Graduates of Santa Clara Unified School District are resilient, future-ready, lifelong learners who think critically, solve problems collaboratively, and are prepared to thrive in a global society.