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What Can You do to Support Vision 2035?

While Santa Clara Unified School District and its people are critical in creating the conditions to reach our vision and ensure that each student attains the Graduate Portrait, the district cannot accomplish this alone. As SCUSD partners, we ask you to consider that the health and success of the school district drives the health and success of the Santa Clara Unified community.

Whether you are a student, a parent, a grandparent, a teacher, a civic leader, a business leader, or a senior citizen, consider what you can do to support the Graduate Portrait, the Adult Portrait, and the System Portrait, and consider how you can positively influence the efforts of your organization, family, or community group to work toward these goals.

We look forward to your support and partnership throughout the journey to realize SCUSD’s Vision 2035.

A Note on the Strategic Plan

Over time, an organization realizes its vision by implementing a series of strategic plans. A vision is broad and incorporates a high level of description. The strategic plan, with its collective and coherent set of prioritized strategies, goals, and progress measures, defines successful implementation over three-to-five years. The strategic plan defines:


Which strategies in the vision will be implemented at this stage?


In what order do strategies have to be implemented? Are some dependent on others, for example?


We need ongoing assessment and monitoring of the connections and interactions among strategies that are being implemented simultaneously so that we can ensure the alignment of implementation actions and “course correct” as needed.

The first strategic plan, covering the initial three years of this vision, will guide our work beginning in the 2020-2021 school year. Strategic plans are refreshed every three-to-five years to celebrate progress, reflect on implementation challenges, and course correct toward the vision by addressing changes to trends in our environment and needs of our students and families.

Young student in classroom working on puzzles.