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Project Lead

Dr. Stella M. Kemp, Superintendent

Core Team Members

The cross-departmental internal district team that collaborated with Prospect Studio SF and helped coordinate and facilitate the vision process.

Team Lead

Shehnaz Wadhwania

Project Sponsors
Board of Trustees

Dr. Michele Ryan, President
Jodi Muirhead, Vice President
Mark Richardson, Clerk
Jim Canova
Vickie Fairchild
Albert Gonzalez
Andrew Ratermann

Logistics Support

Chellie Busch

Photography and Videography

Phillipa May
Kelly Overduijn
Johnny Reyna

Vision Process Design and Facilitation

Prospect Studio SF

Dr. Fiona Hovenden
Principal, Strategic Foresight

Jenny Hoang
Strategist, Strategic Foresight

Sonya Lopes
Senior Strategist,
Education Innovation

Myrna Newcomb
Consultant, Graphic Design