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Our Vision

Graduates of Santa Clara Unified School District are resilient, future-ready, lifelong learners who think critically, solve problems collaboratively, and are prepared to thrive in a global society.

From the Board of Trustees

Our community has spoken, and we are responding with a reimagined strategic vision that raises a radiant “north star” for us to follow, transforming what it means to receive an extraordinary, world-leading public education in the Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD).

Students who graduate from SCUSD will be lifelong learners who are ready for their futures, no matter their path. In this strategic vision, strong foundational academic knowledge and skills are amplified in core academics, effective communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving.

Our students will be empathetic, compassionate ambassadors for equity, change, and well-being for themselves and others, both locally and globally.

Our commitment is for each student to reach their full potential to the best of their abilities. Students are at the center of Vision 2035, with Adult and System Portraits supporting the actualization of our Graduate Portrait. Together, these portraits align leadership, teaching, learning, and resource allocation so that our learning system delivers on the promise of SCUSD’s Vision 2035.

We thank the nearly 2,000 students, families, and community members who have committed 6,000 hours to share their ideas, hopes, aspirations, and daring dreams to imagine this enterprising vision for our students. Please join us as we step into the work of bringing Vision 2035 to reality!

From District Leadership

In response to the societal, economic, and demographic changes that are reshaping our world, state, and community, SCUSD has launched an ambitious project to engage all of our community stakeholders in creating a bold, shared vision for our graduates. SCUSD Vision 2035 lays the foundation and laser-like focus for a series of strategic plans that will lead to immediate and long-term success for our students.

America’s schools—whose educational models were designed to meet the needs of past eras—fall far short of serving the needs of today’s students, let alone tomorrow’s. We face a pressing need to transform our antiquated educational system. Our rapidly changing world and global economy require that students leave our schools with the ability to be adaptive, agile, and ready to thrive in a society, with careers that have yet to be imagined.

Santa Clara Unified is leveraging the momentum of these unprecedented changes to transform teaching and learning from its traditional, rigid design to one that is responsive, adaptable, forward-thinking, and intentional in preparing students to thrive as they embark upon their lives and careers. All adults model the skills and dispositions they are teaching our children within an educational system that transforms and adapts to the ever-changing needs of our students.

Our community’s vision for a world-leading public school system requires that we commit our energy, expertise, and hearts to rise to its aspirational challenge between now and 2035. We are ambitious in our vision, and yet we will always focus on the immediate needs of our students, their families, and our staff.

We will address the present and future through a series of strategic plans over the next 15 years. Each plan will include research-based strategies and activities that we will implement, test, and refine over time. The plans are designed to allow us to continue what we’re doing well, disengage from what’s not working, and launch bold innovations that propel our students into the future. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with you to achieve Vision 2035.