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Filing a Complaint - Students and Families

SCUSD seeks to provide a school environment that allows all students equal access and opportunities to the District’s academic and other educational programs, activities, and services.

Discrimination & Harassment based on Protected Characteristics

SCUSD promotes equity in education by ensuring that equal treatment and resource allocation occurs between boys and girls in the classroom, as well as providing protections against sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, and other sex- and gender-based discrimination. 

title ix: sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination at your school 

SCUSD prohibits discrimination against students who are pregnant or may experience related conditions.

Title IX: discrimination based on pregnancy & related conditions (for students)

SCUSD is committed to providing students with a school community free from bullying.  The school site is responsible for investigating allegations of bullying or harassment. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of bullying or harassment, please report the incident directly to your school site administrator.  

If the bullying is based on a protected characteristic (such as race, sex, religion, etc.), you may immediately file a complaint with the District. 

bullying & cyberbullyinig based on a protected characteristic at your school

Consistent with Title IX, SCUSD also requires equal access for all genders in athletics. 

title ix: gender discrimination in athletics at your school

In California, public schools are legally required to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment for LGBTQQIA+ students. 


SCUSD allows members of the public a means by which SCUSD  employees can be held accountable for their actions. 

complaints about employees

The District is committed to reducing prejudice and bias and increasing understanding within our community.

hate speech and hate-motivated behavior at your school

All students have a right to take part in educational activities at school without paying a fee, deposit or other charge.

no fees for essential school activities 

A student, family, teacher, or community member may file a complaint about the District relating to insufficient textbooks or instructional materials, teacher vacancies or misassignments, or facility conditions.

complaints about instructional materials or facilities (williams act complaint)