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Learning Experiences and Supports for Students

Our students graduate better prepared for life and career through learning experiences that are inclusive, relevant to the real world, reflect student interests, and clearly identify what students need to know aligned to our Graduate Portrait. Students are also enabled to thrive with responsive supports and multiple pathways to graduation.

Success Indicators Include

  • The capacity for students to self-assess and demonstrate mastery on all elements/ prioritized elements of Graduate Portrait using a developmentally appropriate continuum
  • Growth in the number of students on track for the Graduate Portrait milestones as expressed by the continuum
  • Level of academic proficiency as determined by state standardized assessments Graduation rates particularly for key population
  • Breadth and level of student access to CTE Proportionate student growth by subgroup on college and career indicators
  • Reduction in disproportionate referrals for suspension, expulsion, and special education services for key populations
  • Increase in student reports of self-efficacy and decrease in reports of emotional distress as measured on student wellness surveys
3 kids using magnifying glasses to look at decomposing food.