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We love seeing you!

Bowers Sign - We Love it When You're Here

Bowers Elementary made sure everyone knew they are an important part of the school, during their Attendance Matters Day in April 2023. Students and staff wrote notes describing why they love being at Bowers on a poster stating "We love it when you're here!"

Rosa Explains SARB

Attendance Policy Review - The SARB Process

The attendance clerk from MacDonald High School explains the importance of coming to school every day. She also discusses the SARB process, which helps support our students and families with community resources to help improve attendance.

Lauren Explains Travel

Lauren, the attendance clerk from Central Park Elementary, explains what happens with a student is traveling during times school is in session. 

Laws and District Policies related to Attendance


Rob Griffin
Attendance and Discipline Coordinator
(408) 423-3683

Laura Fitsemons
(408) 423-3684

Attendance Process Information