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TOSA Support

TOSA Support

SCUSD District TOSAs

Our district TOSAs partner with school sites and adult learners in SCUSD to create lines of communication for collaboration, innovation, and problem solving. Throughout the school year, they provide a variety of high quality and engaging professional learning experiences to build the skills and knowledge of staff to increase student success. Trained in a variety of coaching techniques, our TOSAs help educators feel renewed and empowered through reflective and planning conversations. 

Why Instructional Coaching

TOSA Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Mission: We are a community of teacher-leaders committed to equity and learning for all students by building excellence among educators.

Vision: The mission of the TOSA network is to improve teaching and learning for all students and staff in a collegial environment built upon trust and collaboration. We will do this through:

  • Embodying and modeling a growth mindset by providing and engaging in professional learning and instructional coaching.
  • Supporting instructional practice and expanding content/curriculum expertise for the purpose of increased student engagement, learning and achievement
  • Developing and supporting sustainable systems for collaboration, communication, and cohesion throughout SCUSD.

Core Values: 

  • We believe in building trusting relationships with all stakeholders.
  • We believe that people work better in resilient, trusting, collaborative communities than they do alone, and we intentionally build these communities through empathy, compassion, and mutual respect.
  • We believe that facing challenges and having difficult conversations creates learning opportunities and foster equitable systemic change to reach all learners.
  • We believe we must be willing to listen to hear to understand, not only to respond.
  • We believe in ensuring equitable outcomes by being advocates for students—especially marginalized students—as well as for the adults with whom we work.
  • We embrace our roles as teacher leaders and model continuously learning, being vulnerable, and taking risks to improve our practice. 
  • We apply a growth mindset and recognize that shifts in practice and beliefs take time.
  • We believe in working to ensure our systems align with what we say we want our outcomes to be. 
  • We believe in collaborative approaches that resolve and disrupt inequities to build an anti-racist system and culture.

Click the pictures below to learn more about the specific Coaching Roles here at SCUSD and Meet the TOSAs.