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Professional Support Program

Professional Support Program

The Professional Support Program (PSP) provides access to coaching support for permanent and probationary certificated staff who are not eligible for our Induction program.  

Certificated staff can request to participate or they can be referred by an administrator.  

Shared is additional information about the Professional Support Program:

  1. Self-Referred/Voluntary: Specific professional support is requested by a certificated teacher.
  2. Recommended/Voluntary: Support is recommended by the evaluator or if the certificated teacher is not on the evaluation cycle, by his/her supervisor based on his/her beliefs that the unit member would benefit from participation in the program. The certificated teacher has the right to decline the recommendation.
  3. Referred: Support is required as a result of receiving an overall unsatisfactory rating on a final evaluation.

Visit the Professional Support Program Request Protocol form to participate.