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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents/guardians opt their child out of the ELPAC?

No. Parents and guardians cannot opt their child out of the ELPAC. State law (California) and federal law (Titles I and Ill of the Every Student Succeeds Act) require that all students whose primary language is a language other than English be assessed for English language proficiency (ELP). The legal basis for requiring ELP testing is that all students have the right to an equal and appropriate education, and any English language limitations (left unidentified or unaddressed) could preclude a student from accessing that right.

Which students are required to take the ELPAC?

Any student with a primary language other than English, as determined by a home language survey, who has not taken the California English Language Development Test or ELPAC before and who has not been previously classified as an EL, must take the Initial ELPAC.

Students designated as ELs via the Initial ELPAC are required to take the Summative ELPAC annually until they are reclassified as fluent English proficient by their LEA.

How can I help my child get ready for the ELPAC?

You are an important part of your child's education. Some things you can do to help your child are:

  • Read to your child, or have your child read to you in English, daily.
  • Use pictures and ask your child to tell you in English what they see in the picture or what is happening in the picture.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher about which areas of learning English (listening, speaking, reading, writing) he or she may need extra help.
  • Discuss the test with your child. Make sure he or she feels comfortable and understands the importance of taking the test.

What are the most common acronyms?

EL: English Learner
EBL: Emergent Bilingual
RFEP: Reclassified Fluent English Proficient

Who should I contact with questions?

For questions regarding initial identification, reclassification, DELAC, and general compliance: 

Data, Assessment and Accountability Department 

For questions regarding student programs and pathways:
Michelle Schmitz
(408) 423-2121

For questions on translation and interpretation:
Veronica Navarro
(408) 423-2850
Angelica Benitez
(408) 423-2883

For questions on community and school resources:
Ha Nguyen 
Bilingual Community Liaison 
(408) 423-3571

Jacqueline Reyes
Bilingual Community Liaison 
(408) 423-3587