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Human Resources

The Human Resources Division determines staffing needs and recruits, assigns, trains, and transfers District staff as needed. The division also oversees union contract negotiation teams. Staff in this division will accept your job applications, answer questions regarding employment, schedule work-related testing, and assist with the interview process. 

Human Resources Staff

Julie Bennett
Personnel Technician II
(408) 423-2208

Jessica Howell
Personnel Technician II
(408) 423-2029

Maribel Caser Lopez
Personnel Technician II
(408) 423-2298

Glynis Price
Personnel Technician II-
Substitute Coordinator
(408) 423-2020

Ragina Russell
Credential Analyst
(408) 423-2013

Diane Smith
Personnel Technician II
(408) 423-2164 

Monia Soares
Staff Secretary III
(408) 423-2019



Miguel Lopez Garcia            Staff Secretary III
(408) 423-2035     

Carolina Salazar                    District Office Receptionist  (408) 423-2201          

For verification of employment, please contact Cecilia Carrillo at or 408-423-2018.


José Vicente González, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent,
Human Resources
(408) 423-2014 

Stacy Joslin, M.A.
Director of Certificated Staff
(408) 423-2016

David Torres, M.A.
Director of Classified Staff
(408) 423-2017

Alissa Meltzer, M.A. 
Executive Director of Schools 
(408) 423-2138

Lise Strom, J.D.
Title IX Coordinator & Compliance Officer
(408) 423-3509

Roxanne Chavarria           Certificated Administrative Secretary
(408) 423-2015     

Cecilia Chico-Carrillo, MBA
Classified Administrative Secretary
(408) 423-2018