Bond Oversight Committees

  • The term of service for the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is two years, members are eligible to serve up to three consecutive terms. A committee is composed of seven positions. Each position has the following requirements:

    • Active in a business organization representing the business community
    • Actively involved in a senior citizens organization 
    • An active member of a bond fide taxpayers organization
    • A parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the District
    • A parent or guardian also an active member of a parent-teacher organization
    • Representing the community-at-large
    • Representing the community-at-large
    • Representing the community-at-large

    Consolidated Citizen's Independent Oversight Committee Members for Measure J-2004, Measure H-2010, Measure H-2014, Measure BB-2018

    • Business Organization, Charitha Perera
    • Senior Citizens Organization, Jim van Pernis
    • Taxpayer Organization,Mary Ng Dooley
    • Parent, Brett McLarney
    • Parent Organization, Michelle Villagomez
    • At-Large, Noel Matyas
    • At-Large, Tim Towers
    • At-Large, Vladimir Raykin