Measure H 2010

  • Measure H 2010 is an $81.1 million general obligation bond approved by Santa Clara Unified School District voters in November 2010. 

    Projects Completed

    Upgrade school fire, safety and security systems, renovate and reopen closed schools, install solar panels to decrease energy costs and save money for classrooms, acquire sites for future schools.

    The specific projects to be funded by the bond include the following:

    • Upgrade and install school fire safety and security systems
    • Renovate and re-open closed school sites
    • Improve or install systems to reduce energy costs
    • Acquire sites for future schools
    • Expand overcrowded schools by renovating and repairing outdated classrooms and adding classrooms as needed

    Agnews Campus

    Joint efforts with the City of San Jose to acquire the Agnews Developmental Center property from the State Department of General Services were successful.  The District took title to 59.74 acres of the property on July 1, 2014.  This successfully caps a five-year effort to acquire the Agnews property to provide schools for growth in the District. 

    Constructing new schools on the Agnews Campus is vital to relieve overcrowding at Santa Clara and Wilcox High Schools, and to provide modern classrooms for new elementary and middle school students who are coming very soon. Efforts are now underway to perform environmental clean-up and prepare the property for future school site development.


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