Social Emotional Learning Survey

  • General Information:
    Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) partners with WestEd to administer the California School Climate, Health and Learning surveys (CalSCHLS), which are a set of three research based assessments focused on perceptions of students, staff and parents/families.  Together, these surveys assist the district to gather important information on risk and resilience factors.

CalSCHLS Reports for SCUSD:

  • CalSCHLS Reports for SCUSD:
    Surveys are shared with district and site leaders to inform and support programming, outreach and related services.   To review SCUSD CalSCHLS reports, please click on the links below:

    Santa Clara Unified School District Reports  

  • California School Parent Survey:

  • California School Staff Survey:

  • California Healthy Kids Survey:

  • Together, these surveys cover a broad range of domains that can be compared across surveys as well as with other Local Educational Agencies.   Key domains of CalSCHLS data are also included in SCUSD’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and are monitored as part of LCAP Goals.

    Administration of CalSCHLS:
    The CalSCHLS survey was administered in late fall of the 2021-22 school year and will be administered every other school year.  SCUSD uses results of the three CalSCHLS  surveys to assess needs, guide program and support services, and monitor key areas of student well-being and the overall school climate and culture.  

    Highlights from the 2021-22 CalCSLS Administration:
    Key highlights from the CalSCHLS survey are outlined below.  These data indicate areas of focus for the district.  For a full review of CalSCHLS reports, please see CalSCHLS Reports for SCUSD. 


  • Family Engagement:

  • School Safety:

  • Caring Adults:

  • Mental Health:

  • Academic Motivation:

  • Attendance: