Water Conservation

  • Santa Clara Unified School District recognizes the importance of water as a precious and fundamental resource, which is why the district has made it our focus to integrate meaningful and necessary water-saving practices within our leadership and daily behaviors. The water conservation efforts found in our school communities help to reduce the stress on our region. In addition to reducing the environmental strain on the regional water supply, the financial savings can be substantial. To ensure Santa Clara Unified School District is making impactful strides toward becoming a leader in water conservation, the following four goals were created.

    Goal 1: Creating Environmentally Conscious School Sites

    The District is collaborating with school sites and students to create green teams and to ensure any new construction and modernization is environmentally conscious.

    Goal 2: Installment of Water Conserving Landscape

    The Grounds Department has replaced turf at many schools and installed drought-tolerant plants.  The District received reimbursement grants from the City of Santa Clara. Several examples are below. 

    Montague Elementary School before
    Montague Before Landscape

    Montague Elementary School after
    Montague Drought Tolerant Landscape

    Scott Lane Elementary School in progress
    Scott Lane Drought Tolerant Landscape

    Hughes Elementary School
    Hughes Drought Tolerant Landscape

    Buchser Middle School
    Buchser Drought Tolerant Landscape

    Goal 3: Community / Student Education

    For water reduction resources for teachers, classrooms, and afterschool learning, visit the link below.

    Brown is the New Green signs from the City of Santa Clara have been installed throughout the District.

    "Brown is the new green" sign


    Goal 4: Water Conservation Policy

    The Board of Trustees approved the Water Conservation Resolution in June of 2021.

    As water reduction efforts increase, usage data will be posted to this website.