Secondary Language Pathways

  • Structured English Immersion (SEI)

    Mainstream identified English learners will be placed in this pathway unless they opt/qualify for any of the pathways below.

    Newcomer Pathways

    Students identified as English learners who are recent arrivals to the country (one year or less) will enter these pathways. Specific screening will take place to determine prior schooling experiences and the personal experiences that may bear an impact on the student’s social emotional well-being.

    Long-term English Learner (LTEL) Pathway

    Students who have been classified as English Learners for four or more years without progress (students at risk of becoming LTELs and LTELs) will enter this pathway starting in middle school. As described in chapter 3, section, the components and supports aligned under this pathway aim at accelerated language development resulting in reclassification.

    Dual Identified EL Pathway

    If a student is both classified as a student with exceptional needs and as an English Learner (“dual identified”), the student will be placed in this pathway the specifications of which will depend on the student’s individualized education plan.

    Seal of Biliteracy

    SCUSD will also promote the celebration of bilingualism and biliteracy in the form of end-of-year recognition or celebration as students complete milestones in pursuing bilingualism and biliteracy. This recognition is designed locally following the guidelines provided by the National Seal of Biliteracy organization and the State of California. The criteria are varied and their attainment levels are flexible so that students regardless of primary language can be stimulated beyond their zone of comfort and grow in their multilingualism. Holistic evidence and the criteria for pathways and assessment will be developed by a district/community committee and revised yearly.

    The State Seal of Biliteracy is a recognition for high schoolers who have attained significant proficiency in English and another world language. The school sites’ world languages departments, in collaboration with the district’s Educational Services staff, will lead and collaborate in gathering the information to be submitted to the state for this recognition. An analysis of Seal of Biliteracy recipients will be conducted yearly and reported to the district’s DELAC. Visit the California Department of Education website for more information.