Mascot and Logo Competition

  • Show your Innovation Expo Spirit!
    Enter our Logo and Mascot Student Design Competition

    Step 1 — Review Competition Video

    Review the competition video above or on our Innovation Expo Playlist. This will provide an understanding of what we’re looking for. 

    Step 2 — Create Your Designs

    • Designs can be created digitally or on paper — as a team or as an individual.* 
    • If the designs are created on paper, please submit high-quality photos of the designs from multiple angles when filling out the form. 
    • For inspiration, visit the Design Brief webpage to read our Mission and Vision statements.
    • Please use our District Color Palette to create your color scheme:
      • Primary: #e27836 & #0497d5
      • Secondary: #004581 & #ffd600
      • Tertiary: #78A942

    Step 3 — Submit Your Designs and Write Up

    • All designs need to be submitted online via the Expo Logo and Mascot Student Design Competition Google Form by Friday, December 9.
    • Submit a short write-up (under 240 words) telling us how you created your designs and how your designs embody Santa Clara Unified’s spirit of innovation.

    Step 4 — Winning Designs Selected

    The winners will be selected by the Innovation Expo Committee and will be announced in December. 

    Step 5 — Winners Announced

    The winning designs will be announced districtwide, and the logo and mascot will be used on all Innovation Expo collateral moving forward.

    We can’t wait to see what our talented students come up with!

    *SCUSD reserves the right to modify the winning designs — in collaboration with the designer(s) — to align with district branding.

    Innovation Expo Logo and Mascot Design Competition

    Logo and Mascot Flyer Spanish