The Vision Areas

  • Process

    The visioning process engaged thousands of stakeholders, including students, families, staff, businesses, community members, and philanthropic leaders.

    Stakeholders Diagram

    The data generated in these meetings were analyzed and synthesized. After a series of draft ideas were vetted with various stakeholders, additional inputs, comments, and feedback were iterated* upon to develop these vision elements.

Students holding vegetables at the farm

Vision 2035 Comprises Four Main Areas

  • The Core Values

    Express the principles that guide the school district’s actions in realizing the vision.

    The Graduate Portrait

    Envisions the outcomes for students—the community’s aspirations for what graduates will know, be, and be able to do to thrive in their lives and careers.

    The Adult Portrait

    Articulates the qualities that the adults working in the school district will exhibit to promote each student’s journey toward realizing the Graduate Portrait.

    The System Portrait

    Focuses on creating the conditions that will enable Santa Clara Unified School District students and adults to thrive and grow, guided by the core values.

    Vision Areas  

    The critical role of every school system is to engage students here and now, while preparing them to thrive in their lives and careers. However, the task of preparing our young people for the future is not ours alone. This vision for our students will only succeed if we work together as a community. This vision is an audacious* call-to-action to support the students of Santa Clara Unified School District. It is written in present tense, as if it has already been realized, to give a sense of what the future it describes might feel like.

    *See glossary webpage