Special Education FAQs

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    Will the special education staff conduct my child’s previously scheduled IEP meeting during the time the district is closed?

    (Rev 8/3/20) Your child’s case manager will contact you and offer to conduct IEP meetings which are due during this period. Prior Written Notice (PWN) will be sent to all families.

    Should the family and service providers agree to conduct an IEP during the closure, how may a parent participate in a previously scheduled IEP?

    (Rev 7/30/20) All IEP meetings will occur via phone, google meet or zoom. No IEP meetings will occur in person at this time.  

    Will the special education staff continue to assess my child if she/he had an Assessment Plan that I signed before the closure? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) During this time, staff will be able to complete assessments through review of records and interview with parents and staff via phone or online. Direct assessment with the student will be delayed until further guidance from the health and county organizations. 

    During the closure, what happens with due dates regarding assessing and conducting an IEP?

    (Rev 7/30/20) All IEPs will continue within the legal timelines (due dates) per California Department of Education (CDE). We will provide additional guidance from the CDE should that change. 

    What will happen if I decline online services?

    (Rev 7/30/20) SCUSD is providing all learning through distance learning for all students 3 years of age through 22 years.  Ed Code 48320 - California compulsory education law requires everyone between the ages of six and eighteen years of age to attend school. Students with disabilities must be provided access to the same level of learning opportunities as their general education peers. The SCUSD will provide learning opportunities via Distance Learning and encourage participation daily. This will be done using Google Classroom, Google Meet and/or Zoom. Hard copies of lessons may be provided per request. Case Managers will provide information on the process for assignments and expectations for demonstration of student work. Please contact your case manager and site administration with additional questions.

    Will I receive the teaching/learning packet or emailed curriculum/projects? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) Student attendance will be taken each day. Staff will reach out to families to encourage participation, provide support, and learning packets available online as well as hard copy materials for pick up if requested. Every effort will be made to provide your child with access to education during this time. 

    How do my child’s special education providers maintain confidentiality when my child participates in a small group therapy session using Google Meet? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) Services during this time will be tailored to the distance learning platform which will be used for education purposes only. Any questions or concerns regarding individual students must be addressed to your student’s case manager. Confidentiality will be maintained for all students.

    How much time is legally required for services? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) At this point in time, there has not been any waiver from the federal government with respect to FAPE obligations. With this being said, given the exceptional circumstances, it has been explicitly recognized by both state and federal authorities that IEPs may not be able to be implemented as written. Specifically, the standard being promulgated at this time is that students’ IEPs should be implemented to the greatest extent possible/practicable under the circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, related services included within a student’s IEP, and supports such as assistive technology. SB 98 defines “distance learning” as “instruction in which the pupil and instructor are in different locations and pupils are under the general supervision of a certificated employee of the local educational agency.” (Ed. Code § 43500.) SB 98 places a strong emphasis on teacher-student engagement in distance learning.  As a result of this new state bill, the district will send a prior written notice stating the mandated minutes for your child’s Distance Learning while schools remain closed.

    Will the district keep student attendance regarding special education services? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) Yes--special education teachers/specialists will maintain records regarding contacts and attempted contacts and services provided to our students.

    What happens with compensatory time? 

    (Rev 7/30/20) Staff will maintain records regarding teaching/serving contacts and attempted contacts with every special education student. If you have any questions about services, please contact your case manager. 

    What will the services look like while my child is in distance learning?

    (Rev 8/3/20) Access to the general curriculum will be provided as per IEP.

    Specialized academic instruction (“SAI”) will be included as stated below

    • Preschool - 180 minutes per day (August 17 - 100 minutes per day)
    • Kindergarten - 240 minutes per day (August 17th - 100 min. August 18 - September 4th 180 minutes per day)
    • Elementary - 240 minutes per day
    • Secondary - 240 minutes per day (Middle School - Post Secondary)

    Speech Services: Speech Therapists and Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA) will provide both individual and group services through teletherapy. 

    Orthopedic Therapy/Vision/Orientation Mobility/Behaviorists/Adaptive Physical Education/Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Audiology: Both direct and consultation will be provided through teletherapy to support the implementation of any suggested activity and or work. 

    Mental Health: If your child receives counseling, the therapist will reach out to each family to discuss services. We request that you provide your child with the appropriate privacy during counseling calls, teletherapy to maintain the confidential nature of these contacts. 

    Student Attendants (1:1): If this service is on your students IEP, the services will be provided to support Distance Learning and available for small group and large group sessions. 

    Transition services (e.g., in effect when Student is 16 years of age or older or younger if deemed appropriate by the IEP team) will be provided according to IEP.

    Goals and benchmarks will be implemented according to IEP.

    Accommodations will be implemented according to IEP within the Distance Learning format.