District Preschool Program

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    The District Preschool Program provides a year-round parent-funded preschool and prekindergarten program serving children aged 3 years to 5 years old. Our program emphasizes kindergarten readiness skills as well as social, emotional, physical and creative development. Children have the opportunity to learn individually and in small and large groups.  All children must be able to use the bathroom independently with few reminders.

    Meal Services

    Healthy, nutritious prepackaged snacks are served daily in the morning and afternoon.


    Staff to child is 1:12.

    Hours and Days

    Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am-5:30 pm. Half-day programs operate from 8:30am-12:00pm. Three and five day, full and part-time schedules are available.


    Our District Preschool Program uses the High Scope Curriculum approach to teaching and learning. Research based and child focused, the High Scope Curriculum uses a carefully designed process - called "active participatory learning" - to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. The High Scope Preschool Curriculum not only helps young children excel in language and cognitive learning but also promotes independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity, and problem solving - the fundamental skills that help determine success in adult life.

    A daily routine is a consistent framework for the day that provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities. Our daily routine includes time for indoor and outdoor experiences as well as time for child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities. A High Scope Daily Routine includes the Plan-Do-Review sequence, as well as Small Group and Large Group experiences.


    Unique to the HighScope approach, this sequence includes a 10–15-minute small-group time where children plan what they want to do during work time (the area to visit, materials to use, and friends to play with); a 45–60-minute work time for carrying out their plans; and another 10–15-minute small-group time to review what they’ve done and learned with an adult and other children. Children are very active and purposeful during “do” time because they are pursuing activities that interest them. They may follow their initial plans, but often, as they become engaged, their plans shift or even change completely.

    Small Group

    Teachers develop intentional lessons to implement during small-group that emphasize one or more content areas. A group of 6–8 children are free to experiment with materials and solve problems with the support of an adult. The length of small group varies with the age, interests, and attention span of the children. At the end of the period, children help with cleanup.

    Content Areas

    1. Social and Emotional Development
    2. Language and Literacy Development
    3. English Language Development
    4. Cognition-Math & Science
    5. Physical Development–Health & Nutrition, Music & Movement


    If you are interested in enrolling, please fill out the FCE Application on SCUSD Online Enrollment. As space becomes available, a staff member will contact you to start the enrollment process. 

    For more information, please contact:



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