Grades TK-5

  • Santa Clara Unified’s distance learning program for elementary students includes the following features of a high-quality program:

    • Students will be assigned a dedicated distance learning teacher and access to quality digital applications and resources, including Chromebook computers.
    • Students will have a structured and consistent daily schedule
    • Each day will include live instruction and class connections with their teacher
    • Each day will have instructional blocks that include live synchronous instruction, small group, and independent student work
    • In addition to the core subjects, students will have interactive read-alouds, art, music, physical education, and library
    • Students will use new digital curriculum resources, fully vetted for safety and student privacy, including Reading, Writing and Phonics Units of Study from Teachers College, Stepping Stones math, more online leveled books, and English Language Development for eligible students
    • Students with specific learning needs will receive tailored supports
    • The district and each school will provide more detailed information in the weeks ahead
    • A balance of screen time and non-screen time will be monitored through teacher lesson planning.

Elementary Instructional Program

  • Structure

    Weekly Structure


    • School start/end times set by site
    • 100% distance learning with live and independent learning time
    • Learning assignments will be posted by 8:30am

    Live Instruction

    • Minimum required student minutes, recommended student minutes (could be whole group, small group, 1:1 or overseeing independent work)
      • Grade 1 and below: Minimum 60 minutes/day Start with 10-15 minutes, work up to 30 minutes by trimester 2, and 60 minutes by trimester 3.
      • Grades 2-3: Minimum of 60 minutes/day, recommended 90 minutes/day.
      • Grades 4-5: Minimum 90 minutes/day, recommended 120 minutes/day.

    Live instruction may include any of the following:

    • Class meetings
    • Whole class lessons
    • Small group lessons
    • Demonstrations
    • Discussions
    • Group work
    • Assessments

    *All cameras must be on during live instruction.

    Independent Learning

    Independent learning time may include any of the following:

    • Completing assigned work in Google classroom
    • Reading
    • Math activities
    • Project-based assignments
    • Brain breaks
    • Movement activities
    • Non-screen activities (writing, hands-on projects, manipulatives, art projects)

    Lesson Design


    Google Meet/Zoom, Google Classroom

    Essential Standards

    Essential grade-level standards have been identified for distance learning. This is a general guideline for content area instruction:

    Daily instruction

    English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELD)
    Daily instruction in reading, writing, phonics, 30 minutes designated ELD

    Social Studies 
    Integrated or 2-3 times per week*

    Integrated or 2-3 times per week*

    Integrated or 1-2 times per week*

    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Digital Citizenship 
    Prioritized at the beginning of the year and then remain a prominent feature throughout the year.

    Afternoons as scheduled

    Afternoons as scheduled

    Afternoons as scheduled

    *These are weekly guidelines. Units and projects may go more in-depth in certain subjects at certain times.

    Instructional Resources

    • Google Meet/Zoom, Google Classroom
    • Reading/Writing/Phonics Units of Study digital component
    • TCI History/Social Science
    • FOSS Science
    • Learning A-Z (Science, Reading, Writing)
    • Footsteps 2 Brilliance Literacy
    • EPIC
    • NewsELA
    • Typing Agent
    • CommonSense
    • Unique Learning Systems (based on IEP)
    • Sites may supplement with site purchased digital tools and resources 



    • F & P Benchmark assessment
    • Pre/Post unit assessments
    • SEL assessments
    • Other assessments as needed


    Report cards will resume to trimester reporting on standards

    Small Group/1:1 Support

    Small groups during live time with teacher; afternoons where needed by support staff/designated instructional services (DIS)

    At-Home Materials Needed

    Regularly scheduled materials pick up times will be set by sites

    Learning Devices

    District Provided Chromebook

    • In order to minimize the need for technical support in accessing the needed learning platforms and curriculum, it is recommended that students use their district assigned Chromebook for instruction.
    • The student must have a camera on the device and must have it on during live instruction.


    Attendance recording will occur through your child’s daily meetings and interactions in Google Classroom with their teachers. Teachers and SCUSD will monitor attendance data to ensure that students are engaged in their learning and to follow up with families where there are concerns. If your child misses a daily class session or morning meeting, make-ups should be completed before the next class session in order to receive attendance credit.