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    How will families be kept up to speed as things shift and evolve?

    (Rev 7/21/20) SCUSD will send out bi-weekly updates to families through email and text message. Our websites and our social media accounts will also have regular postings with “up-to-the-minute” news and information. You will also receive updates from your school and child’s teacher(s).

    Will training be provided to PTA/classroom volunteers regarding safety protocols?

    (Rev 8/20/21) Only essential volunteers, as determined by the school administrator, are allowed on campus. All essential volunteers must participate in our standard Human Resources process for volunteers and must show proof of vaccination in order to volunteer. School sites are focusing on their school operations as we open schools this fall and may wait to begin essential volunteer processes at their site.

    Will training be provided to families regarding health and safety protocols?

    (Rev 7/8/21) Yes, opportunities will be provided to our students' families to receive training to support their child in our health and safety protocols.

    What are your extended day / childcare options?

    (Rev 7/15/21) Visit our Extended Day Programs FAQ section.