Health & Safety FAQs

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    Will temperature checks be taken for all staff and students each day?

    No. Self-screening should take place before starting each day. Students exhibiting symptoms after arriving at school will receive temperature checks. Consistent with the guidelines from SCCPHD, students or staff with any identified COVID-19 symptom and/or a temperature over 100 F will be sent home immediately. See: Daily Health Self-Check

    What will be done to promote physical distancing?

    Per CDPH, we will maximize physical distancing as much as possible while eating (especially indoors). We will arrange for eating outdoors as much as feasible.

    Will there be changes to the arrival/departure procedures?

    Close contact between students, staff, families, and the broader community at arrival and departure will be minimized.

    Will personal protective equipment (PPE) be supplied and provided consistently by the district?

    Yes. The California Office of Emergency Services (OES) has created a PPE distribution plan through county offices of education. PPE was purchased in bulk by the state and distributed to school districts through our county offices of education and included face masks, face shields, face coverings, gloves, and hand sanitizer. The district has also purchased additional supply and will continue to restock our PPE supply to schools. 

    What measures will be implemented on campus and school buses to ensure the safety of staff and students?

    We will take essential actions to create a physical environment that promotes student and staff safety through established protocols and procedures. These will include daily cleaning of areas used by students and staff.

    Will sports and extra-curricular activities be permitted?

    High school athletics are governed by the California Interscholastic Federation and we will be adhering to the guidelines set forth by the organization. Extra-curriculars are permitted but must follow established public health and SCUSD COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan guidelines.

    Are face coverings required?

    Under the current public health guidelines, face coverings are strongly recommended indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces.

    Will schools review hygiene and face covering practices with students?

    Hygiene and face covering practices will be reviewed with students. We will encourage face coverings, washing/sanitizing hands, avoiding contact with one's eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes.

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    What are the quarantine protocols regarding domestic and international travel?

    Please refer to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recommendations for travel.

    Will the teaching and support staff of Santa Clara USD be fully vaccinated?

    The SCCPHD determines which vaccines are required. At this time, COVID-19 vaccination is strongly recommended, but not required by public health officials.

    How are you encouraging staff to get vaccinated? 

    We have standing advertisements of vaccine events in our bi-monthly newsletter, District Update, and our leadership regularly encourages staff and the public to seek vaccination. We’ve held vaccine clinics in partnership with SCCPHD at several school sites in the district.

    Will unvaccinated staff be allowed in the classroom with children who cannot yet be vaccinated?

    Yes. We will follow all public health orders and guidance to maintain a safe teaching and learning environment for all students and staff.

    Are all staff and students required to participate in the weekly screening testing program?

    California Department of Public Health’s focus this year is on at-home rapid antigen testing. Consequently, there is no statewide at-school testing program such as the one we participated in last year with Concentric Testing, and we are shifting to the recommended at-home rapid antigen testing. 

    Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

    Test kits are available at no cost through a variety of sources such as the federal government (, the county (, and through your health insurance. We will also be providing sites with a limited supply of additional test kits for those who do not have tests available at home and are experiencing COVID-like symptoms or are exposed to COVID at school.