9-12 Grades

  • Classroom Communication and Calendars

    Daily Academic Schedule

    On Tuesday, March 24th teachers will conduct a practice run with all students using Google Meet and Google Classroom. Students are expected to attend. Students should watch their school Gmail account/School Loop for information from their teacher and will log on to meet with their teachers according to the following schedule: 

    Period 1    8:30 -9:00
    Period 2    9:15-9:45
    Period 3   10:30-11:00
    Period 4   11:15-11:45
    Period 5   1:00-1:30
    Period 6   1:45-2:15
    Period 7   2:30-3:00     

    Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, the A/B block schedule below will begin. The block schedule will run Monday-Thursday each week. Students will be expected to log in at the start of the designated time for each class period. Students may or may not be in Google Meet the entire 50 minutes for each period based on the teacher's instructional plan for each day.Teachers may also be sharing opportunities for your child to join in small group video chats, online discussions, and/or office hours throughout the afternoon. Thank you for your ongoing support of our new distance learning plan. This is new for all of us and we will continue to learn, grow, and refine over the coming days and weeks. Note: schedules for our alternative schools will be communicated by the school.

    Learning Posted: Learning is posted by 8:30 a.m. by classroom teachers.

    A Day (MON/WED)
    Per 1 8:30-9:20
    Per 3 9:30-10:20
    Per 5 10:30-11:20
    Per 7 11:30-12:20 
    1:00-2:00  Office Hours

    B Day (TUES/THURS) 
    Per 2 8:30-9:20
    Per 4 9:30-10:20
    Per 6 10:30-11:20
    1:00-2:00  Office Hours 

    Online Chats and Office Hours

    Will be offered by teachers Monday-Thursday between 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


    Attendance recording will occur through your child’s daily meetings and interactions in Google Classroom with their teachers. Teachers and SCUSD will monitor attendance data to ensure that students are engaged in their learning and to follow up with families where there are concerns.

    Grading and Assessment

    Teachers will give feedback to students which is critical to their learning progress, however, formal grading will be suspended until further notice. Assessments will be used for giving feedback, adjusting instruction and identifying additional support needs.