2019 Community Meeting FAQs

  • The section reflects answers to questions received during our Agnews community meetings in September 2019 where we were proposed opening in 2020 with a temporary campus. It was decided to delay opening until the campus was ready in 2021.


    Have we done villages in the past?

    Can we aim for a sooner opening?
    The soonest move-in date to the permanent buildings D, C, G and H would be December of 2020.

    Would services to water and electricity be interrupted by the Zanker construction?
    There may be short switchover shutdowns that we will communicate and coordinate with the community.

    How long would the Zanker Road construction take?
    Zanker Road construction will take 12 months.

    More details about toxic soil test, delays, and plans?
    The soil testing and removal have been completed according to the Removal Action Workplan as approved and overseen by the Department of Toxic Substance Control. If you’d like further information, please contact Rosiella Defensor, construction manager, at rdefensor@scusd.net.

    Open just the elementary school in the village?
    Yes, opening just the elementary school at the village is a possibility. This would be lower in cost since it would require fewer portables.

    Has there been a thought to locating the village on the high school area instead?
    Yes, we thought about locating the campus at the high school area, but it’s not feasible since all of the utility connections are in the southern portion of the site. Also, the high school site is currently under construction.

    For the village option, what are the safety precautions and plans for construction dust and noise?
    Heavy construction near the temporary village (large bulldozers, cranes, heavy equipment) will be minimal by the fall of 2020. Most of the construction crews will be inside the buildings finishing the interiors. There will be minor site work and landscaping with smaller equipment that will be nearby. The noisier activities are located further away from the village. The construction site will be separated from the temporary village with a construction fence. The entrance and exit of the construction site will be separate. There will be site supervision to ensure that construction workers do not interact with any students.

    What work remains for the construction that may lead to further delay?
    We have reduced our risk for further delays, but there is always a possibility with unknowns and issues that arise during construction. We will continue to communicate with the community any updates as we progress with the project. There are still some unresolved risks with the utility connections and City of San Jose permit approval of the Zanker Road project. Another unusual winter with a high amount of rain days could lead to further delays.

    How quickly can the temporary village be built?
    The temporary village would be built for an August 2020 opening.

    When will the date be determined to open if project delayed?
    The board will make the decision between the two options presented at the October 10 board meeting. They will decide between opening a temporary village on the fall of 2020 or postpone the opening of the permanent buildings at the elementary and middle schools until the fall of 2021.

    If there were more delays, what is the latest the kids might move into the permanent buildings?
    Buildings D, C, G and H would be ready for move-in at the Christmas break. The rest of the buildings would open throughout the rest of the school year. All elementary and middle school buildings will be ready by the fall of 2021.

    What about pulling in construction companies from outside the area?
    The cement deep soil mixing construction crews are from Texas, the Midwest, and Southern California. A majority of the rest of the workers are commuting from Salinas, Antioch, Central Valley, Modesto, and Turlock, California. Also, all of the trade packages were publicly bid--any contractor who was interested in and available to work on the project already had the opportunity to bid on the project.

    When will the campuses open? Does this delay impact the opening of the high school?
    If we postpone the opening, the elementary and middle school would open in the fall of 2021. The high school is on schedule to open in the fall of 2022. A temporary village will further delay the opening of the middle school field and blacktop since construction will be required to restore those areas after the temporary village is removed.


    What are the sibling, grandfathering, and transportation rules?
    For the 2020 opening scenario, here are the ruled approved by the Board of Trustees: Sibling Rule: Siblings of a 3-5 grade or 7-8 grade student may stay at their current school under sibling rule until 2022-2023 only. Transportation: Will continue to be provided for 3-5 grade and 7-8 grade students and will be provided for applicable siblings until 2022-2023 only. It will also continue for those who live in the attendance boundary. Grandfather Rule: No grandfather rule offered.

    For a 2021 opening, these rules have not yet been decided.

    Will opening of new schools open up the seats at other schools?
    Open enrollment is available to all Santa Clara Unified students. Open seats at any school are made available to our students through this process.

    Will the new schools be enough for the current population?

    Why isn’t North Park part of attendance area?
    It is part of the Orchard School District.

    What will the enrollment timeline be, including open enrollment?
    The timeline for open enrollment for the schools at the Agnews campus will follow the district’s open enrollment timelines. Open enrollment begins in early January and closes in early February.

    Who would attend in 2020-2021? Who would attend if the opening is delayed to 2021?
    If the campuses open in 2020, they would open with K-2 at the elementary school and 6th grade at the middle school.

    For a 2021 opening, opening grade levels have not yet been decided. Once a decision is made about whether a delay will occur, then discussion about grade-level options will begin. Families will have opportunities for input during this process.

    Where do we find information on where our students will go? How will new families to district find out?
    Once a decision is made regarding the opening timeline and grade level configuration, families can look up their child’s school using our School Locator.

    If we wait until 2021, where will kids go and will they have to transfer?
    Students will continue to attend their current homeschool.

    How many students would attend in 2020?
    If we opened in August 2020, there would be space for 264 K-2 students and 270 6th grade students.