• How can I register for the STEAM Expo? 

    Please fill out the correct participant form on the registration page

    Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants? Are there any rules about who may attend, etc?

    Each student is allowed to participate. We do not expect to run out of space. However, in the project guidelines the rules state that schools can decide to limit the entries for a number of reasons: space, quality, and late entry...etc.

    Can I do a virtual presentation with a video?

    Yes! You can make a video. A video clip is a great way to enhance your presentation. A video is especially useful if you do a Rube Goldberg Machine (RGM), as these are often very complex and difficult to move around. A video of the RGM in action is a great way to show your design works and is even better if you are explaining the energy transfers along the way. Expert tip: Show your machine working both at full speed and in slow motion. Videos can be added to a poster by using a QR code that visitors can scan or they can be displayed on a Chromebook. 

    Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

    Please contact Coordinator of Educational Technology Shann Chu at 408-423-3254.