Project Guidelines


    To Participate

    Complete a participant form on the website under the registration page by Friday, January 10th. Project participation forms must be turned in on time. Late applications get last priority and may not be approved. 

    Project proposals will be reviewed by the teachers, principal and/or STEAM coordinator. If there are more students interested in participating in the STEAM Expo than there is space to accommodate them, the teachers, principal and STEAM coordinator will help determine which students can participate based upon a review of all STEAM Expo project proposals and the quality of them.

    Things to Consider for Your STEAM Expo Project:

    • Projects may not involve any fire, dangerous chemicals, live animals, pets, insects or critters.  
    • Projects are to be designed and completed by the student(s), teams, or classes.  
    • Each participant group will be asked to display their work. (ie. large tri-fold project board, slideshow, etc)   
    • Include the following sections as appropriate:
      • Title of your Project
      • Why did you choose this project?  (Why is it interesting to you?)
      • What problem are you solving?  (If applicable)
      • Prediction/Conclusion
      • Description of your project
      • How did you build, create and/or do experimentation for your project?
      • Materials—what supplies and materials did you use to build/create/experiment?
      • What did you learn by doing your project?
      • Any photos, graphics, data, etc. may also be added to the Project display.
    • After a form is submitted, you will be given a confirmation notice that will include a project plaque. Please print out plaque and bring it to STEAM Expo.
    • SETUP: TBD Bring your completed Project Board and/or any display, invention, building, artwork, photography, experiment components, etc. with you to Mission College. 
    • DAY OF STEAM EXPO: Be prepared to describe and explain your project to other students, teachers, family, community members who come to our STEAM Expo. We appreciate all help with clean up of displays and activities. 
    • Students may work as a team or group.  This must be indicated on the participation form.

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