Summary of Projects

  • This is a preliminary Measure BB project list last reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2018. It has not been further detailed or prioritized at this time. A more comprehensive list will be coming before the Board and then updated here on our website.

    • Complete 1,600 Student Comprehensive High School on Agnews Campus
    • Reconstruct Santa Clara High School Fields
    • Reconstruct Wilcox High School Fields
    • Expand New Valley High School to Monticello Campus
    • Replace Peterson Middle School Locker Building (Measure H 2014 funds)
    • Replace Peterson Middle School Pool (Measure H 2014 funds)
    • Reconstruct Peterson Middle School Fields
    • New Patrick Henry School Campus Including Special Education Facilities
    • Reconfigure Laurelwood Campus
    • New Elementary School Shade Structures
    • Add and Replace Elementary School Play Structures
    • Replace Roofs
    • Upgrade Fencing, Gates (1)
    • School Playground Paving (2)
    • Replace Portable Buildings with Permanent Structures
    • Replace Children's Center Buildings at Bracher and Briarwood
    • Reconfigure Westwood for Preschool Special Education Program
    • Replace Single Glazed Windows (3)
    • Restroom Additions and Upgrades (3)
    • Drop-off and Pick-up Traffic Improvements (3)
    • Improve School Fields (3)
    • Replace Elementary School Offices to Improve Student and Parent Support Services (3)
    • Replace Elementary School Multipurpose Buildings and Kitchens (3)

    (1) Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
    (2) Most Elementary Schools
    (3) Bracher, Briarwood, and Westwood