Communication Audit

  • Goal

    Our 2018 District Communication Audit provided an opportunity for us to do a comprehensive review of our communication practices and engage with a large number of community members in an effort to deeply understand their concerns, communication preferences, perceptions, and aspirations for our school community.


    Just as we apply data-driven practices in the way we teach in the classroom, support our schools, and manage our district operations, this audit is an opportunity to do the same thing with our communication practices. The audit teachs us what our community cares about and the most impactful ways to communicate about those things.


    In an effort to ensure that we gain insights that are accurate and generalizable, our audit process included a varied, multi-layered approach:

    • Focus groups with families, students, staff, and community members
    • Informational interviews with key system leaders
    • Survey of families, students, staff, and community members
    • Walk and talks at each campus in our district


    After an analysis of all of the information collected, our audit report provides an overview of what we learned as well as recommendations based on those insights. This report drives the development of a multi-year strategic communication plan.

    Communication Audit Report and Plan


    In addition to giving us actionable information that can be used to improve our communication practices at every level, the audit creates a benchmark that can help us track and adjust our communication efforts in the years to come.