Strategic Planning Timeline

  • Planning: September 2014 - June 2015

    • Phase 1 (September - December): Assess the Environment

      • Evaluate the internal and external environments pertaining to the key strategic considerations and priorities within each focus area; use data gathered for the LCAP, other primary sources, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys; conduct trend analysis; identify relevant best practices.
    • Phase 2 (December - January): Frame the Opportunities

      • Analyze assessment results, collectively identify key strategic themes, opportunities, and priorities.
    • Phase 3 (January - February): Define Goals and Outcomes

      • Develop one overarching strategic goal per strategic focus area; define the target outcomes (how will know that we’ve achieved success?)
    • Phase 4 (February - May): Identify Objectives, Action Steps, and Resources

      • Identify four to six objectives for each goal, supporting action steps, and required resources; dovetail this phase of the process with Year 2 LCAP development to ensure synchronicity; synthesize objectives across the teams to optimize practicality and minimize any duplication; obtain input from stakeholders including the Board; determine priorities.
    • Phase 5 (May - June): Finalize Plan and Get Ready

      • Edit, finalize, and approve the strategic plan in close coordination with LCAP finalization and approval; identify implementation champions and teams for each goal; address any critical success factors for which there are concerns; develop tracking tool to monitor implementation.

    Implementation: July 2015 - June 2020