Parent Education

  • Together, building stronger families and stronger communities!

    Family Resource Center 

    Santa Clara Unified School District's Parent Resource Center offers classes for adults, career services, food, supplies, workshops, translators, k-12 assistance, and referrals.

    Please call (408) 423-3541 for more information.

    Upcoming Classes and Events

    Free English as a second language classes for parents:

    • Scott Lane Elementary School - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:45-10:45 am
    • Montague Elementary School - Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm
    • Childcare provided

    Parent Education Preschool

    Wilson Preschool is a parent education preschool program on the Educational Options campus offering classes for parents and their children, infants through five years old. Children attend class one to four times a week, depending on their age and parents participate in their child's classroom once a week. 

    For more information please visit the Wilson Preschool website or call (408) 423-3674.

    Helpful Resources

    Parents Helping Parents Workshops

    A Family Resource Center for families with special needs.

    For further information, please call Parents Helping Parents 408-727-5775.

    Bridges 2 Understanding

    For more information, visit the Bridges 2 Understanding website or call (650) 341-0779

    Stepping Stones Family Counseling Center

    Are you a parent struggling to get your kids to behave? Are you stressed out when your kids don’t listen or worried you’re spending more time arguing than having fun?

    As parenting consultants and marriage family therapists, Stepping Stones Family Counseling Center teaches timeless techniques that will get your kids to listen and behave so that you will start feeling respected again. For more information, please call (408) 356-8200 x 5.


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