Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • LCAP Overview

    Each year, districts are required to develop an LCAP that explains the district's:

    • Prior year progress toward its goals.
    • Goals and actions planned for the coming three years.
    • Processes used to engage parents, students, staff, and the community in the development of the plan.

    Timeline of Events | 2017-2020 LCAP

    October| District Advisory Committee (DAC) begins meeting

    November-January| Schools gather input from stakeholder groups (staff, PTA, ELAC, Site Council, and Student Council Leadership)

    January| DAC synthesizes feedback and identifies districtwide needs

    February-March | LCAP Feedback survey open

    January-March | Educational Services and site instructional leaders draft actions

    April | DAC reviews first draft

    May | LCAP work-study session for board of trustees

    May-June | Draft LCAP is posted for public comment

    Mid-June | LCAP Public Hearing & presented to School Board

    By June 30 | LCAP is recommended to School Board for approval

    2017-2020 LCAP

    Parents, students, community members, and staff gave their input on the LCAP through many and varying meetings, including but not limited to:

    School Site Council, PTA, English Learner Advisory, Student Leadership, and Community Advisory for Special Education. An online survey in English and Spanish also provided us with input. After gathering input, the District Advisory Committee, consisting of parents, students, teachers, administrators and school board representatives, analyzed the needs assessment feedback and survey results to identify key needs. From those needs, the educational services team and site instructional leaders draft actions to address the identified needs. The 2019-2020 Goals and Actions are presented in a more comprehensible layout in order to summarize the lengthy LCAP official document.

    What is the purpose and relationship between the LCAP and the District Strategic Plan: Rising Above in Silicon Valley?

    While the Strategic Plan is the overarching vision, goals, and actions for the district as a whole, the LCAP is a focused look at what we will provide over and above our core program to students whose needs go beyond the core. The LCAP itself is a lengthy document with 3 years of information and an annual update included. If you are interested in focusing on the proposed goals and actions for the upcoming year, the 2019-2020 Goals and Actions document will provide that. You can also view our glossary of terms for more information.

    Information about the LCAP will be updated regularly on our website. Make sure to check back here for new information and opportunities to join us in the conversation.