Aeries Parent Portal

  • State Test Results and Parent Contact Information

    Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, Santa Clara Unified parents and guardians will be able to update emergency contact information and view their child’s state test results through the Aeries Parent Portal. Your child’s state test results will be available year round in the parent portal, and each year’s state test score reports will be saved in the Parent Portal for as long as your child is enrolled in SCUSD. Access to the contact information section will be available between July 15 and August 30, 2019.

    Aeries Student Information System Login

    Aeries Parent Portal Login Page Instructions

    If you already have an account, you can log in to your Aeries Parent Portal and skip to step "9" or "10" in the list of instructions below.

    If you are new to Aeries, follow the steps below to create your own account.

    Step 1: Create an Account

    Login screen

    Step 2: Select Account

    • Click the Parent/Guardian button
    • Click Next


    Step 3: Account Information

    • Type your email address
    • Re-type your email address
    • Type a password (must be at least 6 characters long)
    • Re-type password
    • Click "Next"

     Account Information

    Step 4: Verify Your Email Address

    • Open the message from in your email inbox
    • Click on the "Confirm Current Email Address" link

    Email verification example

    Step 5: Complete Email Verification

    • Enter your email address
    • Enter the email code that you received in your email ("email code” should not be confused with the verification code)
    • Click "Accept"

    Email verification screen

    Step 6: Return to Login Page

    Login to Aeries

    Step 7: Student Verification

    You will need the following information to complete the verification process for your child:

    • Student first name
    • 6-digit student permanent ID number
    • 10-digit primary telephone number
    • Verification code

    If you do not have this information, please contact your child's school.

    Log in using your email address and password, then enter the following:

    • 6-digit Student Permanent ID number
    • 10-digit home telephone number
    • Verification code
    • Click "Next"

    Student verification

    Step 8: Emergency Contact Verification

    • Under the list of your child's contact, select your name or click “none of the above” if you don’t see your name
    • Click "Next"

     Emergency contact verification

    Your account is now linked to your student, return to the Parent Portal login screen.

    Step 9: Update Emergency Contact Information

    • Log in
    • Select "Student Info" and click on "Contacts" in the drop-down menu

    Student info

    • The pencil icon on the left of the screen will open the editing window


    • Click "Save" after making changes

    Save changes

    Step 10: View State Test Scores Report

    • Log in
    • Select "test scores" and from the drop-down menu, click on "State Test Scores Reports"
    • Click on an available test result under CAASPP or ELPAC.

     Test scores