Aeries Parent Portal

  • Santa Clara Unified School District now offers an internet web portal for parents who have students enrolled in the district. The Parent Portal allows parents to view and update defined student information in the Student Information System, Aeries.

    Accessing an Aeries Parent Portal Account

    Aeries Student Information System To access an Aeries Parent Portal account, click here to launch the Santa Clara Unified School District Portal login page. Enter the email address and password for the account and click the login button.

    First Time Users

    If the Aeries Parent Portal is being accessed for the first time, the user will need to select the Create New Account option and create a password before adding or updating information.








    Add a Student to an Aeries Parent Portal Account

    Add New Student Locate the Change Student menu in the upper right corner of the page and select Add New Student to Your Account.




    Student Verification

    Step 1

    Complete the student verification, by entering in a Student Permanent ID Number, the student home telephone number, and a verification code (provided by your school site). Click the "Next" button, linking the Aeries Parent Portal account to a student.



    Emergency Contact Verification

    Step 2

    Select a name from the list displayed on the emergency contact verification dialog box in Step 2. Click the "Next" button continuing on to Step 3 Process Complete with the option to link additional students to the account.



    Student Data Confirmation Process

    Click the Student Info link in the upper left section of the web form. The following choices will be available: Profile, Demographics, Contacts, and Data Confirmation. Select Data Confirmation.

    After a brief message about the importance of closing the internet browser when you have completed the updates, you will see the drop-down menu to the left.

    Start at the top and work your way through the tabs.

    • Residence Survey: Choose the type of dwelling you currently live in. This MUST be filled out in order to move forward with the changes. Confirm and Continue. Student: Click the Change button to add or update Parent/Guardian names and phone numbers. Click the Save button to save your changes. If there are no changes, Confirm and Continue to move on.
    • Contacts: Add or Change contacts other than the Parent/Guardian. Do not add yourself as an emergency contact or you will lose your access to the Aeries Parent Portal. Highlight the record to change, make the changes and Save the record. Note: a BLANK in the Code field on the contact record is the same as saying “No – Not Authorized to pick up my student.” Confirm and Continue. If you want this contact to be able to pick up your child, you must select, “Yes – Authorized to pick up my student” on any contact that is appropriate.
    • Medical History: Add new Medical Conditions or tag existing conditions as “No Longer Applies.” There are two sections to edit. Be sure to save any section you change. Confirm and Continue.

    Final Data Confirmation

    Please confirm that the information on the previous tabs is correct and when you are done making changes to this student’s record, click the "Finish and Submit button." This will generate an email to you and the school saying changes have been made.

    Important Information

    Click the "Print New Emergency Card" button to complete the update. Bring this documentation with you to the school on the residency verification day.

    If you have more than one student in the district, you will need to update each student’s record to capture parent/guardian and contact changes. Print the new emergency card for each student.