Trustee Areas

  • Please use the map below to view the trustee areas. The "Scenario 2A" map below is the final map selected by the Board of Trustees' comprehensive redistricting process conducted in 2021. The highlighted borders are approximate.

    Trustee Area Election Sequencing

    November 2022

    Board President Jodi Muirhead | Trustee Area 6 
    Board Vice President Vickie Fairchild | Trustee Area 3
    Board Member Jim Canova | Trustee Area 1
    Board Member Andrew Ratermann | Trustee Area 4

    November 2024

    Board Clerk Bonnie Lieberman | Trustee Area 7
    Board Member Albert Gonzalez | Trustee Area 2
    Board Member Michele Ryan, Ph.D. | Trustee Area 5

Trustee Area Map

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