Extended Day Enrichment Programs

  • Our Program

    Our Extended Day programs offer full time and part time, before school only, before and after school, after school only, and summer programs. Services are offered at sixteen of our elementary school campuses. Subsidized services are offered at select locations for income qualifying families. Fees for subsidized services are based on a sliding scale for parents who are working, are in training, or going to school.

    Meal Services

    A healthy, nutritious snack is served daily in the morning and the afternoon.


    Our staff to child ratio is 1:14.


    Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00am-6:00pm. Hours may vary by site location.


    Tuition is established prior to enrollment and can vary by location. Please contact the Site Supervisor for current rates. Agency families welcome.


    Our Extended Day programs use components of the High Scope curriculum approach to teaching and learning. Research based and child focused, the High Scope Curriculum uses a carefully designed process - called "active participatory learning" - to achieve powerful, positive outcomes.

    Active Learning Approach

    Teachers provide learning experiences so children are actively involved with people, materials, events, and ideas. In these experiences, children "learn by doing," often working with hands-on materials and carrying out projects of their own choosing.

    Small & Large Group Experiences

    Teachers plan experiences based on children's developmental level and interests. Teachers lead small group experiences according to grade level, providing hands-on activities to introduce or expand on children's knowledge, skills or interests. Large group experiences are opportunities for the entire group to participate in a group game or team building activity to promote a sense of belonging and community.


    Based on children's interests and teacher talents, children participate in a 6-week club designed to build on their knowledge and extend their learning. Teachers also design clubs that may share their own interest or talent to introduce children to new skills and topics.


    We provide a dedicated time and space for children to work independently or in small groups to complete their homework. Our staff are available to answer questions, provide assistance and support their learning. Parents and children are provided a "Homework Agreement" to better understand each child's educational goals. We develop relationships with school staff to provide a cooperative home and school connection.

    For more information, please contact:

    Braly Extended Day
    675 Gail Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    (408) 423-1016 | Daphne Simbulan 

    Briarwood Extended Day
    1940 Townsend Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-1316 | Melissa Trigero

    Bracher Extended Day
    2401 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-1216 | Denise Salisbury

    Central Park Extended Day
    2720 Sonoma Pl., Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-4439 | Emilia Jimenez

    Don Callejon Extended Day
    4176 Lick Mill Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    (408) 423-3317 | Natacha Costa

    Haman Extended Day
    865 Los Padres Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050
    (408) 423-1416 | Kimyana Farmearl

    Hughes Extended Day
    4949 Calle de Escuela, Santa Clara, CA 95054
    (408) 423-1516 | Jamie Valdez

    Laurelwood Extended Day
    955 Teal Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-1617 | Jennifer Fajardo

    Mayne Extended Day
    5030 N. First St, Alviso, CA 95002
    (408) 423-1717 | Maria De La Torre

    Millikin Extended Day
    615 Hobart Terrace, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-1806 | Monique Corley

    Pomeroy Extended Day
    1250 Pomeroy Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-3816 | Richard Coria

    Ponderosa Extended Day
    804 Ponderosa Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    (408) 423-4016 | Meha Ratnani

    Sutter Extended Day
    3200 Forbes Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 423-4237 | Judie Stevens

    Washington Open Extended Day
    270 Washington St, Santa Clara, CA 95050
    (408) 423-3916 | Chet Zeedik

    Westwood Extended Day
    435 Saratoga Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050
    (408) 423-4315 | Stephanie Bestul